Nuclear liability under review

Greenpeace Canada: Stephen Cornwell, Nuclear Campaign Assistant - December 1, 2009

I am writing to request your help in ensuring the nuclear industry assumes responsibility for the costs of a nuclear accident. Your help is urgently needed.

Parliament’s Natural Resources Committee is currently reviewing the Harper government’s proposed Nuclear Liability and Compensation Act (NLCA), which would relieve the nuclear industry from paying for the damages caused by an accident or terrorist attack at a nuclear station in Canada.

The NLCA requires reactor operators to carry only $650 million in insurance for Chernobyl type accidents – about half of the minimum requirement in other Western countries. Any costs above $650 million would be paid for by the Canadian taxpayer. This is yet another massive subsidy to the nuclear industry.

Here’s how you can help.

Take Action:

1) Call and email members of the Natural Resources Committee. This is urgent because the committee is currently voting on each clause of the bill. Tell them you think it should be required to carry at par with international standards and carry full responsibility in the case of an accident. Contact information is below.

2) Send Letters to the Editor or Press Releases from your organization to local and national media. You can find copies of media releases sent out by other groups below. Here’s an example of a release:

3) Stay in Touch. A Google group has been set up for activists interested in opposing the NLCA. You can join the group here:

Learn More:

1) Read the Greenpeace report by nuclear risk expert Dr. Gordon Thompson. It outlines the potential impacts of a nuclear accident in Canada and provides estimates of the subsidy that would be provided if the NLCA is passed. You can access the report here:

2) Greenpeace’s Energy Campaigner Shawn-Patrick Stensil is following the hearings on the NLCA in Ottawa. You can stay up to date by reading his blog at:

3) Nuclear risk in the news. This week the Toronto Star has published two stories on the accident risks posed by the Pickering nuclear station. You can read the articles here - How much will an accident cost?:

Nuclear Fleet Shows Its Age:


Stephen Cornwell
Nuclear Campaign Assistant
Greenpeace Canada

Contact Information for the Natural Resources Committee

Liberal MPs
Geoff Regan (613) 996 3085
Alan Tonks (613) 995 0777
Navdeep Bains (613) 995 7784

Bloc Quebecois MPs
Paule Brunelle (613) 992 2349
Claude Guimond (613) 992 5302

Conservative MPs
David Anderson (613) 992 0657
Brad Trost (613) 992 8052
Mike Allen (613) 947 4431
Cheryl Gallant (613) 992 7712
Russ Hiebert (613) 947 4497
Devinder Shory (613) 947 4487

New Democrat
Nathan Cullen (613) 993 6654