Port Dover Maple Leaf: Letter To The Editor - RW Goodlet - Oct 8, 2008

This letter has gone out to the Federal candidates, Toby Barrett and Mayors of Haldimand/Norfolk.

It feels a little late due to the fact that the All Candidates Debates have already started. Regardless, late is perhaps, better than never.

There were rumours recently that an announcement of sort was to be made by Bruce Nuclear on September 24th and that perhaps there may be some movement toward developing a nuclear facility of within the Haldimand/Norfolk region. Monty Sonnenburg's Simcoe Reformer article of September 22nd, seems to bolster those rumours.

However, rumours still abound that an announcement will be given right after our local candidate debates are over, and that perhaps this nuclear plant will be developed on the Lake Erie Works site. Other rumours that there is not enough real-estate on this site and that additional lands may be needed. If this is a nuclear power plant proposal announcement, such power plants need lots of cold water. Therefore, such an acquirement from perhaps West of the Lake Erie Works borderline, on the waters edge, thus part of this nuclear plant may rest on Norfolk soil.

If the Nuclear Waste Management Organization of Canada, OPG and/or Bruce Power are announcing that they are looking for a willing community within Haldimand/Norfolk to host a nuclear waste storage dump, then of course that would be another can of worms and perhaps other locations within the region may be explored.

There seems to be basis here to ask our candidates of their position on nuclear power and/or its waste storage. Ask how the knowledge of constant tritium fallout upon the wonderful dairy herds of Haldimand would be a benefit to this well established industry? Or how a nuclear power plant that communicates via a 32' diameter x 10 mile long pipeline out into Lake Erie would effect the industries of commercial and sport fishing, fresh water fish eateries, new housing and tourism that support the Norfolk economies today?

There are alternatives to nuclear power. We have the geology and 100 years of natural gas exploration knowledge to assist in the sequestering of Nanticokes carbon right here. Sequestering carbon is a new technology that will produce new jobs, while making secure the jobs that exist at the Nanticoke Plant today as it applies new clean-coal-technologies to its power production structure.

Remember, carbon is benign!

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