Re: Need to be heard as a location for new electricity generation

by Jim Oliver, Norfolk Councilor

Thanks for the clarification Jim, why should someone from the private sector know of communications between lawmakers? The June 19th Energy Symposium was well attended, and personally speaking, for those who did not attend, it was their loss, as it was a great information session.

The October 17th letter to the Editor was in response to Mr. Travale''s statement that he was "disappointed that Mr. Barrett did not look at all the options regarding Nanticoke" which again, was a ludicrous statement, as was pointed out in that letter. However, what is important here Jim, is that you have chosen to speak on behalf of the lawmakers of Haldimand and Norfolk by responding to last week''s letter. When it comes to nuclear power at Nanticoke, there is the need for extensive public debate on Norfolk and Haldimand''s energy future and issues that surround it. From what we read of council''s desire for nuclear power, it should be sooner than later. Such debate allows for the people of Norfolk and Haldimand to hear what members of council have on their minds, look at the alternative usage's for the power grid out of Nanticoke, providing a forum for the public have their say on the complexities nuclear power.

To repeat information from a response letter to Dwight Duncan, Ministry of Energy of August 15, 2007, and If residents of Norfolk/Haldimand would like to know more about alternative energy for Nanticoke, coal-gasification, bio-gas and carbon sequestration should be considered. Representatives to these industries will come into our area from Alberta or the USA to educate lawmakers and the public on clean-coal technologies. A symposium of this nature would take the better part of a day and could take place sometime in the early Spring of 2008.

Regardless of what you state about a Federal environmental assessment Jim, a Provincial environmental assessment is definitely more stringent as it relates to the Ontario building code and does allow for more public input. Both councils should welcome and seek a Provincial EA if the push for nuclear power continues. Where seismic issues are concerned, we here should demand no less. Safety, commerce and education are paramount when it comes to complexities of nuclear power.

Remember, there is a desire here for an alternative to nuclear power so it is important to have as much public input as possible and not leave this important decision solely in the hands of the very few people who are moving to implement nuclear power in our community.

For information on Environmental Assessments, Coal-Gasification and Carbon Sequestration.


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