Green Party of Canada calls for no nukes in Saskatchewan

REGINA--The Green Party of Canada and the Green Party of Saskatchewan joined the Coalition for a Clean Green Saskatchewan this week, adding our voices to a growing chorus calling for no nuclear plants to be built in the province. Saskatchewan currently is a producer of uranium but has no operating nuclear plants.

"The people of Saskatchewan want clean energy that is economically and environmentally sustainable, they don't want their health and environment threatened by a nuclear plant and they don't want their tax dollars going to bail out this industry," said Amy Collard, the Natural Resources Critic for the Green Party of Canada.

The Coalition for a Clean Green Saskatchewan is calling for a non-nuclear energy strategy, including wind, solar, small-scale hydro power and energy conservation programs. These and other programs, such as farmers and villages receiving a tariff for feeding renewable electricity into the public grid, would see Saskatchewan become a leader in renewable energy and enable the province to phase out the coal fired plants that currently provide one third of the energy requirement.

"We have already made great strides in this province," said Ms. Collard. "We have great programs such as net-metering and the Small Producers Program which are encouraging more wind farms and co-generation. We need to keep moving forward. Supporting the nuclear industry would be a step in the wrong direction."

Bruce Power has recently expressed interest in building new nuclear plants along the North Saskatchewan River. The Coalition points out that wind power provides more than five times the number of jobs as nuclear power does to generate the same amount of electricity. Bruce Power's proposal for nuclear plants on Saskatchewan's relatively small grid would require massive public costs for expanding the public grid for profitable exports, while still requiring expensive back-up capacity due to the unreliability of nuclear power.

"The nuclear industry is not economically successful; they are sustained through massive government subsidies, including another $750 million in the 2009 fiscal stimulus budget," said Green Party Leader Elizabeth May. "Investment in renewable energy strengthens local economies and provides jobs without endangering ecosystems or the health of our children."

Saskatchewan should therefore reject Bruce Power's push to build nuclear plants. Nuclear power is not a sound energy, environmental, health, water or job-creating policy. It is not in the fundamental public interest for present or future citizens of Saskatchewan. Instead, the province needs to embrace the sustainable energy path.


Amber Jones
Green Party of Saskatchewan

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Communications Officer
Green Party of Canada
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