Simcoe Reformer Letters to the Editor: Jim Elve, Grand Erie Energy Quest - Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Re: Security key issue for nuke station, Simcoe Reformer, March 20

It is only logical that safety, security and the management of radioactive waste would concern Haldimand and Norfolk residents as we learn of Bruce Power's plans for our region. These are issues which are of concern to people around the world, particularly those living in close proximity to nuclear facilities.

With regard to potential terrorist attacks, Monte Sonnenberg noted in Friday's article, "Bruce Power takes the occasion of these meetings to boast of its readiness in the face of all threats." The Reformer article included a photo of a security team and vehicle deployed at Bruce Power's Tiverton plant.

While the swat team and armoured vehicle may inspire confidence today, let's remember that these paramilitary commandos must keep this radioactive material secure for thousands of years. Bruce Power's own Fact Sheet No. 5 informs us that "The required isolation period may be for tens, hundreds or even thousands of years depending upon the radioisotopes present in the waste and their concentration."

Last week, Britain's Oxford Research Group think tank released a paper for the Institute for Public Policy Research warning that the new generation reactors, like the three models short-listed for Nanticoke, risk proliferation that could lead to "nuclear anarchy." The report notes that the new type of reactor produces high grade plutonium as a by-product. Plutonium is used to make the most efficient nuclear weapons.

Two hundred years ago, the equivalent to Bruce's swat team would have been armed with muskets, crossbows, cannon, swords and battleaxes. Today, at great expense, they're equipped with armoured personnel carriers, automatic weapons, missile launchers, radar, night vision goggles and more.

How will Bruce Power's swat team be equipped 200 years from now? Who will pay for keeping the security team one or more steps ahead of the terrorists? What if it's not terrorists but a belligerent nation with an air force?

How will the security team be equipped 1,000 years from now? Will Bruce Power be in business 1,000 years from now? How will our great-great-grandchildren feel about securing the toxic legacy we're creating today?

In the new rounds of community information sessions, we can expect Bruce's spokespersons to continue to downplay the problem of security just as they have been downplaying the possible adverse effects of radiation exposure.

Let's keep this toxic stockpile from ever materializing in Nanticoke. Just say no to nuclear power.

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