Don't shove nuclear power down our throats

Simcoe Reformer: RW Goodlet - March 17, 2008

After being assured by the Ontario Government on June 13, 2008 and again on October 17, 2008 that they will be looking at expanding and refurbishing existing nuclear facilities only, we now read in the March 12 Simcoe Reformer, that we will know within three months whether or not we will have a Nuclear Power Plant in Nanticoke. Some notice! No public consultation on waste, environmental impact, or seismic issues Just wine and dine the chosen few with slick presentations, and boom, look what we have!

Folks, the proposed Yucca nuclear dump in the States has been halted indefinitely That means, in the US nuclear waste will now likely be stored where it is produced. Canada has not even made a choice for a storage site yet. If and when it is, will that location be safe? Regardless, any nuclear waste produced here will be stored on site at Nanticoke for perhaps two hundred years, or forever. Tritium will blanket the Haldimand/Norfolk region. If Tritium was the colour purple we could watch it accumulate. It isn't purple, so it can be debated as harmful or not. Tritium is a carcinogen!

This nuclear power plant will breathe with Lake Erie via a 10 mile, 32' dia pipeline. This will change our area forever. Everything we can claim proudly as our own, our reasons for being here now, will change. Long Point Country, fresh water recreation, commercial and sport fishing, fish eateries. The current reason for the new housing boom will cease. Nuclear Power will change who we are now.

Nuclear power provides base-load-power into the existing grid. It does not provide the flex-power that clean-coal-technology can provide. The Ontario grid system needs flex. Nanticoke should provide this flex and sequester the carbon (a benign natural element). The Federal Government is now providing opportunities to sequester carbon where it can be sequestered. Lake Erie and Lake Huron are areas recognized by the Feds as able to accommodate the sequestering of carbon

Contact your local MPP and provide him a strong message to take from this constituency to Queens Park and demand that we have the opportunity to develop the flex-power needed into the grid, using clean-coal-technologies via the existing infrastructure at Nanticoke and that Nuclear Power is not to be shoved down our throats.

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