Bruce Power's Plan for the Great Lakes Gives Owen Sounds' Mayor a Sinking Feeling

CD98: Renee Berube - July 13, 2010

A plan by Bruce Power to transport radioactive waste on the Great Lakes is raising more questions from residents and politicians. The company has applied for a licence to ship 16 decommissioned steam generators from its plant on Lake Huron to Sweden for recycling. Owen Sound mayor Ruth Lovell Stanners says she is concerned that an accident could happen even before the generators are on the water. Bruce Power says the process is safe but she says that's probably what B-P told people on the Gulf of Mexico. She listened to Bruce officials outline their plans last night at a council meeting and came away with more questions than answers. Lovell Stanners says they will have a public meeting on July 27th so residents can ask the company more questions. Murray Elston, a spokesman for Bruce Power, says there is a low level of radiation in the generators. Mike Bradley, mayor of Sarnia, also accuses Bruce Power of not seeking public consultation. The environmental group Sierra Club says the body that regulates nuclear energy should hold public consultations into the process.