"Sound Off" Port Dover Maple Leaf - July 7, 2009

l’m responding to last week’s Sound Off caller who thinks we should pile up deadly radioactive waste at Nanticoke while we put our trust in tomorrow’s bright scientists. We’ve been piling up this same deadly waste all over North America for sixty years. We keep hoping that some bright scientist will come up with a way to deal with it. Today’s bright scientists were expected to figure out something by now All we’re doing is creating a disaster waiting to happen to our grandchildren. The good paying jobs the caller talks about are just not worth the risk. We have no right to risk our grandchildren’s safety for a few jobs,

To the caller who says go for nuclear with its good paying future jobs. For sure we all want good jobs, and sure some smart scientist will devise a way to use the radiation in those spent rods you referred to. But, and this is key does Port Dover want big industry looming over our town or does Port Dover want to be a popular resort destination and neighbourly residential community We cannot have both, Period.