"Sound Off" Port Dover Maple Leaf - July 15, 2009

Regarding the caller two weeks ago that said the proposed nuclear power plant mentioned that it was on the fault line. If anyone doubts it they should call their insurance broker and ask if their house is insured for earthquake. About ten years ago when I found out about the fault line in the area I called my insurance broker and she was shocked to find that my house wasn’t covered for an earthquake. It almost doubled my premium to get it covered.

I’m calling in response to the concern about piling up of spent fuel at a nuclear reactor The person doesn’t understand that there aren’t incredible quantities produced. That so-called pile is remarkably small. Nuclear power is a very efficient user of its fuel and there is just not a lot of fuel produced by reactors. Part of the issue in not dealing with the spent fuel issues is that there isn’t a lot of quantity produced and it hasn’t been necessary to make final decisions. There’s also advanced cycle reactors that release spent fuel as fuel. And as to the other caller who spoke about not being able to have both the nuclear generating station and tourism, they should visit Port Elgin, Southampton and Kincardine, all very close to the Bruce nuclear plant and very much vibrant tourist communities.