"Sound Off" Port Dover Maple Leaf - July 22, 2009

To the person who suggested we should visit Port Elgin, Southampton and Kincardine to see how Bruce Nuclear enhances those places. Has that person picked-up the "Welcome to Port Dover" and "Port Dover to Long Point" tourist guides? Port Dover is doing quite well on it's own without the assistance of Bruce Power thank-you-very-much!

Regarding the caller who compares Lake Huron tourism to Port Dover Lake Erie has 70% of all fish in our Great Lakes. The Port Dover tourist industry was built on the commercial perch fishery in our wonderful perch eateries, The mere hint of radioactive contamination of our fish stock would spell the end of Port Dover’s tourist appeal.

I’m calling to respond to last week’s Sound Off which talked about the small quantity of waste from a nuclear plant, It’s not the quantity that people are concerned about, at least that’s not what l‘m concerned about, it‘s the toxicity Spent fuel contains plutonium and that’s the deadliest substance known to man and also the main ingredient in nuclear weapons. That’s one of the big reasons they have SWAT teams to guard the plants. I don’t think I’m too interested in nuclear energy. No thanks.