Renewable energy could be Ontario's power source

The Hamilton Spectator: - September 18, 2007

Re: 'Coal-fuelled power plants a necessity in Ontario'

A recent Environics poll shows that most Ontarians would prefer their electricity come from clean, safe renewable energy instead of nuclear or smog-causing coal.

It's unfortunate then, that there remains skepticism about the capacity for renewable energy to deliver.

"Renewable is Doable," a report released last month by the Pembina Institute and WWF-Canada, shows Ontario could be harnessing three times the amount of wind power, 10 times the amount of solar and thousands of megawatts from bio-energy sources, cogeneration and waste heat recycling.

With the right regulatory and policy tools, and use of technology like power storage for wind, solar and other renewable sources, renewable energy could be the province's primary power source, replacing dirty coal and phasing out expensive and unreliable nuclear energy.

Cherise Burda, Ont. policy director, The Pembina Institute, Toronto

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