Ontario’s race to build new nuclear.... turned into a slow stroll

Ontario Clean Air Alliance: Jessica Fracassi - June 30, 2009

Ontario’s race to build new nuclear units at the Darlington Nuclear Station has turned into a slow stroll. Energy Minister George Smitherman today announced that the province has indefinitely postponed any decision on building new nuclear units until the federal government decides what it will do with the troubled Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (AECL).

The Minister also noted that unless he sees a better price than what was offered in the first round of proposals, Ontario will not purchase any new nukes.

These statements and actions are to be commended as they hint at a more enlightened approach to Ontario’s energy future – one that favours plentiful green and clean alternatives over high cost, high risk nuclear power (for more on these, see our Powerful Options report).

Now it is time for the federal government to get sensible and say no to throwing more money at the “dysfunctional sinkhole” of AECL. Using federal money to pay for Ontario’s nuclear plants is just taking money from taxpayers’ right pockets instead of their left – the bottom line is still more wasteful bailouts for yesterday’s technology.

Please congratulate Energy Minister George Smitherman on his sensible move to postpone any decision on costly nuclear, and please tell Prime Minister Stephen Harper that you do not support further subsidies for AECL.

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