McGuinty stubborn

TheRecord_com: Tom Fitzsimmons - April 01, 2008

Re: Harper's Clean Coal Solution -- March 26

Hopefully Dalton McGuinty and his energy minister took the time to read this article. The federal government is providing $240 million of the $1.4 billion cost of a clean coal pilot project in Saskatchewan.

For years, the premier and his cronies have refused to acknowledge the existence and benefits of clean coal technology which have been in use in the United States for 20 years, plus many other places worldwide.

McGuinty's stubborn approach to coal alternatives is the main reason he has not yet come up with an acceptable, workable plan to close the coal-fired power plants. That election promise is nowhere near being completed, even though his initial plan was a 2007 shutdown.

And since new plant installations take up to 10 years to complete, they need to quickly select the type of fuel and a location and get started now.

The voters won't fall for empty promises next time around.

Tom Fitzsimmons


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