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The Ontario Clean Air Alliance, Greenpeace, and University of Toronto Students Union are collaborating to organize a teach-in on nuclear energy. You're invited to be part of it.

WHAT: A teach-in to educate and mobilize Ontarians to stop the provincial government's plan to invest several billion dollars in nuclear energy, to build two new nuclear reactors at Darlington and to refurbish Pickering.

WHEN: Mar 13-14, 2009

On the evening of Friday March 13 at 7:00 p.m. there will a screening of the film Battle of Chernobyl. Earth Sciences Auditorium (ES 1050).

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Workshops will be held all day on Saturday Mar. 14, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Kofffler Centre, Room 108

WHERE: University of Toronto, location
ES 1050 on March 13, KP 108 on March 14
University of Toronto

WHO: Citizens who want to build a green energy future for Ontario.

WHY: The Ontario government's plans to refurbish old and build new nuclear reactors stands in the way of building the green electricity system we want and need to stop climate change.

For those unsure whether nuclear energy is a good solution to climate change, this event provides valuable information on the cost, the health effects, the ethical considerations, and the effectiveness of nuclear energy as compared to alternatives (e.g. renewable energy sources).

This event features Canada's leading experts on this issue. See list of speakers below.

FEE: $25 – or pay-what-you-can. Free for U of T students (just show your student card).

Lunch will be served on March 14

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Sponsored by: Ontario Clean Air Alliance, Greenpeace, University of Toronto Students Union, Students Against Climate Change, and the Hiroshima Day Coalition.


Speakers include

- Jack Gibbons, Ontario Clearn Air Alliance
- Dave Martin, Greenpeace
- Shawn-Patrick Stencil, Greepeace
- Dr. Dorothy Goldin-Rosenberg
- Cherise Burda, Pembina
- Keith Stewart, World Wildlife Fund
- Greg Allen
- Ralph Torrie
and many more.

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