At the risk of being labled a heretic I ask... by RW Goodlet

Has the political wrangle over C02 made us lose sight of the real threat to all species? No one is denying changes in climate, however, is it man made, or has this all happened before? Scientific global warming models are now proving to be fraudulent, so these questions are valid. Could it be sun spot activity? Is it thinning of the ozone? Who really knows? No doubt, we do need to find a way to curb our dependence on fossil fuels and become a greener society and create viable green energy solutions.

After all the billions spent on whether-or-not C02 is going to be the doom of our planet, perhaps now we need to chalk-it-up to an expensive learning experience and deal with a real issue. Toxins!

Tragically, the political subsidies for C02 science created greed and fraudulent data within this scientific community world wide, and has led to the renaissance of nuclear power, where once again the science there has no solution to the waste generated and the many 1000's of years of maintaining vigilance over its poisons.

Instead of continuing down the road of politically making a natural element of this planet like C02 the pariah of all things, a focus on ridding the planet of dioxin, pcb's, mercury, radioactive waste etc., should take its place. Leaving a legacy of common sense and decency for future generations and all inhabitants is paramount. If we do not deal with our toxic waste, what we will have created for those to follow is a tragic legacy of greed, ignorance and *rape. *(Oxford Dictionary - spoil or destroy a place)


Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - (IPCC) established 1988

IPCC Brief Back-grounder: How It All Began -

1984 during the Thatcher era, the British political machine began a government sponsored scientific study on the harmful effects of coal, in order to take power away from the coal mining unions.

1988 IPCC established

1990 1st IPCC report.

Cost of Global warming research; during the Regan era funding for Global warming research was 170 million per year. By the 1990's 10's of billions of dollars were being spent.

July 2009 - US Investment into global Warming research $79 billion

According to the study "Climate Money" by Joanne Nova, it revealed that the US Government alone spent more than $79 billion since 1989 on climate change science technology research, administration, propaganda campaigns, foreign aid, and tax breaks.

In 2000, Daniel Sarewitz pointed out that the US federal government spent $1.8 billion annually on the U.S. Global Climate Change Research Program. That is only one initiative, in one country, in one year....

If we count the entire world, global warming research expenditures such as carbon trading, it accounts for US$ 128 billion just in the year 2008 alone! Experts predict that the carbon market fueled by government´s money (your taxes) will be on the rise reaching a staggering number between US$ 2 to $ 10 trillion, making it the largest commodity traded, more than oil, coal, gas, or iron.



When opposing science to the IPCC, reports that during periods of low sun spot activity, it is cosmic particles that marry with water droplets in the earth's atmosphere, thus creating clouds, which in turn cool the earth's surface.

And when, during periods of higher sun spot activity, solar winds increase that then divert these cosmic particles away from directly bombarding the Earth's atmosphere. Hence the Earth warms.

So, why then, does political science focus only on C02, when C02 is less then 4% of total greenhouse gas, with 0.4% of this contributed by man, while water vapour is 95% greenhouse gas by volume?

References below...

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