Major new electrical transmission line to be probed by Pollution Probe in hearing tomorrow

Pollution Probe: Murray Klippenstein

TORONTO, April 30 /CNW/ - Hydro One's plan to build a new $640 million transmission line from the Bruce nuclear station to serve the GTA doesn't seem to make financial sense and the line probably shouldn't be built, says Ontario public interest environmental group Pollution Probe. A three-week hearing into the application to build the line begins before the Ontario Energy Board tomorrow in Orangeville.

Murray Klippenstein, lawyer for Pollution Probe, said, "Sometimes the engineer's desire to build things needs to be restrained by the bean counter's question of whether it really makes dollar sense. This transmission line will take $640 million out of customers' pockets, but it looks like wise energy use principles and customers' financial interest both line up to say this project shouldn't happen."

Pollution Probe's electrical transmission line experts have filed a report with the Ontario Energy Board concluding that "the proposed new line is not necessary to deliver the energy and capacity of the existing and planned resources in the Bruce area" and that "contrary to (Hydro One's) claims, it does not appear that the proposed project benefits likely outweigh its cost."

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