Norfolk County : MP, MPP & Mayor Unite On 'State of the County'

CD98: Adam Liefl - March 9, 2009

Local leaders of our 3 levels of government agree that getting out of this economic slump is going to have to be a coordinated effort. MP Diane Finley, MPP Toby Barrett and Mayor Dennis Travale converged Friday in Simcoe, all saying that Norfolk County does have the resources to bounce back, as long as we can tap into them. Finley believes we're on the right track, and is pleased to have many locals coming to her with innovative ideas to help the county move forward. Mayor Dennis Travale, in a moving speech, related our current battle to that of a military officer, in that the best offence is a knowledge and an understanding of the enemy. The enemy in this case being an economy that has shown it has the potential to significantly diminish quality of life at a moments notice. MPP Toby Barrett believes we have a strong agricultural base and the natural resources to help us get over this hump. The biggest topic of discussion during the night was around nuclear energy, which is an environmental assessment away from perhaps becoming even more of a reality here on the shores of Lake Erie. Finley and Travale told those in attendance that no matter what side you are on, they best thing to do now is to get informed on the environmental assessment findings and the modern science of nuclear energy.

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