Unplug nukes: NDP candidate

Sudbury : Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dave Battaino, Sudbury NDP candidate, says aggressive conservation and clean energy are the best alternative to nuclear energy.

Under the New Democratic Party's plan, there would be no new $40 billion nuclear mega-scheme, and no more smog and greenhouse gases from the Nanticoke coal plant.

Highlights of the plan include:

Aggressive energy efficiency, conservation and demand management, to reduce consumption and save people money;

A significant boost in clean, renewable electricity such as wind, solar and water power;

A significant expansion of industrial cogeneration facilities through the appointment of a long-delayed cogeneration facilitator and enhanced incentives to industrial co-generation plants.

New Democrats don't accept that the Liberals' $40 billion nuclear mega- scheme is the answer to a sustainable, affordable and reliable energy future in Ontario.

The NDP plan to significantly increase energy conservation and energy efficiency includes low-interest loans to help families use less energy by retrofitting homes, incentives to install 100,000 solar hot water heaters on homes by 2012, and rebates to encourage 750,000 homeowners to cut peak electricity demand by 750 megawatts.

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