Brantford may become storage place for nuclear waste

Brantford Expositor: Ann Gloyn - November 2, 2007

With the Liberal party plan to build 14,000 MW of nuclear stations in Ontario, where did you think the nuclear radioactive waste or spent fuel from nuclear energy would be stored? Where did you think zirconium and titanium with uranium isotopes would be cleaned and recycled? Where will waste be incinerated? You mean the Liberals didn't display ads for the $45 billion dollar nuclear energy plan, showing where the more than 30,000 tonnes of high- level radioactive waste at reactor sites in Ontario would be stored?

While Brampton said to Mississauga Metals and Alloys "not in my back yard," our leaders staged Brantford as a perfect warehouse" Once the licence for the storage operation on Middleton Street comes through from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, and Highway 424 is completed, truckers can move and ship nuclear waste, stopping in St. George for a coffee!

Our biggest legacy to our ever-popular "next cabinet minister" could be having these materials stored in Brant for millions of years. We can tell our children and grandchildren that voters rejected ideas in 2007 for sustainable practices, and read them reworked stories how Hansel and Gretel laid crumbs of information on solar, wind and geothermal energy but the big bad witch had too much cash and a couple really big billboards and only a small percentage of people really thought about it all anyway.

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