Kudos to Zellers

Hamilton Spectator - Letter to Editor

Kudos to Zellers in Flamborough, for showing leadership in going green. Zellers is installing wind turbines and solar panels, and painting the roof white to reflect solar heat and reduce the need for air conditioning in the summer. Other business leaders, take note. You, too, could help lead the way to a greener energy future for Ontario.

It is in industries' interests to have control over their energy sources. And they could have it, if they practiced co-generation in their facilities, to produce electricity on-site. There are many ways to do this, using currently available technology.

But it would take an initial investment to set up the infrastructure. Our provincial government could help, if it subsidized Ontario industries to become energy self-sufficient, rather than directing so much taxpayer money ($40 billion) to subsidize new nuclear power plants. It's time for Ontario to step into the future, and it's heartening to see some companies starting to lead the way.

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